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Благотворительная акция «Скоро в школу!»

When you do someone good, you can feel that accomplishment of a good deed will bring the same pleasure to you and the person towards whom this good deed is directed.                                                                          


On the eve of September 1, the company "Humo" started a charity event "Back to School!" This action was organized for orphans from children’s homes. As part of the charity event, the administration and staff of the company visited orphanages in Shahritus and Istaravshan districts and handed over to inmates of those institutions textbooks and school supplies.

Two lovely first-graders, pupils from a baby home in Istaravshan district were also provided assistance timed to the school holiday. The administration and staff of MDO "Humo" with great joy and an open heart gave a piece of their warmth and love to children without parental care and attention.

Charity event "Give good!"  

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