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Благотворительная акция в честь дня победы для участников ВОВ.

Victory Day - May 9 – is one of the great occasions in our country. This is the most tragic, beautiful and touching celebration in the history of our motherland. Our ancestors at the cost of their lives upheld our future and gave us the opportunity to live in freedom and peace. On the eve of the great holiday Company Humo didn’t stay aside and in honour of the Victory Day held a charity event for the Great Patriotic War veterans. The company employees visited five veterans: Sharif Safarov, Sodiq Sodikov, Haskash Abdulloev, Nicholai Chilin and Mahbuba Tursunova, and handed the veterans foodstuff and medicines as aid. The visit was a big surprise for WWII veterans. They met people from Humo with great joy and were very pleased with gifts.

The veterans shared their memories. Mahbuba Tursunova told us that during World War II she with her husband were scouts. They went through all the trials of the war, and after the war they had a long and happy life. In 2010, in celebration of 9 May Mahbuba Tursunova was invited to Moscow, where Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin personally congratulated her on the occasion and presented gifts.

WWII Veteran Sodiq Saidov is 91 years old. He went through the war from the first to the last day. He met with the war in the army and his service in the army lasted for long 7 years. "Love for the motherland and freedom - that's what helped us get through all the horrors of war. Faith in victory gave us the strength to pass the test and win" - said Sodiq Saidov.

Unfortunately, the years take their toll and some of our veterans are no longer able to speak and walk on their own. We only saw tears of joy in their eyes and realized that our attention made them happy. Time is transient and every year a veteran community becomes smaller and smaller. These people are heroes and despite such an ordeal of life they dealt the death, fought for us, for our freedom and for our future. Glory to you, a low bow and THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!

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