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Дети - цветы жизни

Smiles of children - this is probably the best thing that can please everyone’s eye. In the child’s smile there is so much sincerity and confidence that even the most severe heart will melt. Realizing this, everyone tries to make life of little inhabitants of our Planet better and happier and it is especially significant for children with disabilities.

On the 31st of May, 2014, on the eve of the International Children's Day, one of the branches of the Republican public organization for blind children organized a grand welcome to children with visual impairments, in which the MDO "Humo", within its powers, took part as a sponsor.

In the beautifully decorated venue various intellectual contests were organized for children, including those for understanding the basics of art and culture. Children competed in knowledge of patriotic poems about motherland, about peace and, of course, about mother - the dearest for them person. A musical concert with the children participation was presented, where children were assisted by disabled visually impaired adults. At the end, all children and contest winners were given souvenirs and prizes.

That day the blind eyes of each child lit up with an unquenchable flame of joy and happiness. After all, our attention and care are very important for children, in particular, for children with disabilities. Children are our future and our task is to make sure that they live in joy.  

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