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The General Director's message

Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome you all to our website. Our company was established in 2004 to carry out a special mission — to provide access to financial resources to the rural population of Tajikistan, in particular, women.

To date, our company is one of the leaders and progressive and dynamic players in the microfinance sector of Tajikistan. Over 75% of our active portfolio is placed in rural areas of Tajikistan and 45% of the total number of clients is women. The model of our success includes our staff, our clients, society and the environment around us. In taking actions to help grow the business, promote further economic recovery of our country, and to strengthen local communities, we are demonstrating our vital social role. With no doubt, our employees make a valuable part of our vision and our success. The company creates incentives for professional growth of its employees, their promotion and encourages high ethical standards of behaviour not only in business management, but also outside of our office. Our top priority has always been people, our clients and prospective clients, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, education and place of residence. The company focuses on building long-term partnerships with clients based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. We develop and offer credit products, which are necessary and suitable for different purposes: purchase of farm machinery, planting crops, the development of micro and small businesses, and women entrepreneurship, starting a new business, education for children and many other things. Despite the fact that micro-lending is just one of the financial instruments, it provides a real opportunity for people to "stand on their own feet", create their own jobs, and just feed themselves and their families. Micro-credit, in due time, was a real breakthrough in the field of lending. And in combination with good interest rates and flexible loan repayment schedules, this is the tool that today can make anyone be always prepared for any situation.

In 2013, the company received a deposit license, purchased a new banking information system and changed an organizational and legal status and name of the company: it has been transformed from Micro Credit Organization "Humo & Partners" in Microcredit Deposit Organization "HUMO". Now we can expand our services and offer our clients, along with traditional credit products, opening of deposit and savings accounts, money transfer services and lending in foreign currency.


We continue to grow, searching new trends and offering new projects. We will be happy if you join us.

I'm always ready for dialogue, and you can contact me by mail: office@humo.tj

Yours faithfully,
Vaisova Mavsuda.