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Вклад «Детский»

1.    Minimum amount: 100 TJS, 20 USD, 1000 Russian rub.
2.    The minimum term of a deposit is 3 years and until attainment of majority.
3.    Deposit interests shall be accrued on a monthly basis.
4.    In the event of early claim for refund the company recalculates deposit balances at the interest rate of 0.1% per annum.
5.    Payment of accrued deposit interests is made annually.
6.    Supplementary deposit: not less than 50 Somoni, 10 US Dollars, 500 Rubles.
7.    When you open a deposit to providing a document that certifies the identity of the applicant (passport) and the document confirming the child.

Amount of initial deposit

 Interest (annual)



Russian rub

from 100 TJS

from 20 USD

from 1000 Russian rub




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