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Easy loan - is a convenient and easy way to get a loan from CJSC MDO "Humo". Loan amounts can be obtained as follows:

  • In cash at service offices of CJSC MDO "Humo".
  • Transfer to the payment cards of CJSC MDO "Humo".
  • Transfer to the “Humo Online” mobile wallet account.
  • The minimum loan amount  - 50 TJS
  • The maximum loan amount  - 3000 TJS
  • Loan term – up to 3 months

How to activate the Service?

1.     In order to activate the Service, it is necessary to apply to one of the nearest service offices of CJSC MDO "Humo" with an original valid general civil Passport (passport of a citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan) with the mark of TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number).

2.    Pass identification and sign one-time: "Agreements on the provision and processing of personal data and submission to CIBT", "Bank account opening agreement", "Overdraft service agreement".

3.    "Easy loan" service is activated free of charge and is valid until its disconnection by the Client of CJSC MDO "Humo".

How to get a loan?

1.    First go to “Humo Online” → Section “My bank” → Open a new product → “Easy loan” → Continue → Send an application → You have been approved for a loan in the amount of 50-1000 TJS, for example → Choose the loan term→ Enter the amount. For example 100 TJS → Choose a method of obtaining →

 Crediting funds to the "Humo Online" account or to the "Humo" payment card account

  • The loan repayment period is up to 3 months at the discretion of the client.
  • Interest rates on a loan, as well as penalties in case of delay in repayment of the loan, are determined in the "Overdraft provision agreement" and in the Offer of CJSC MDO "Humo" posted on the CJSC MDO "Humo" website humo.tj

Attention! By sending loan application to CJSC MDO "Humo", thereby, you confirm that you accept and agree with the conditions of obtaining and repayment of the loan, as well as accept and agree with all the terms of the Offer of CJSC MDO "Humo".

How to repay a loan?

You can check the remaining amount for repayment of the loan and the maturity date in the “Humo Online” application in the section → “My bank” → Loans → Easy loan.

  • In order to repay a loan from the balance of the "Humo Online" wallet, go to the section "My bank" → Loans → Easy loan → Loan repayments.
  • Loan repayment is also possible by making cash at the offices of the service of CJSC MDO "Humo" and with the use of payment terminals of CJSC MDO "Humo".
  • It is possible to Repay the entire loan amount at one time, or in separate parts, depending on the selected loan term from the moment of its receipt.


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