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Старт Бизнес

Business loans enable the borrowers increasing the working capital or fixed assets. This loan can be used for the following activities: trade, production, product processing, transport and services.

Collateral: movable/immovable property.
Amount: ranges from 500 to 10 000 TJS only for womens.
Loan term: 3—24 months.

From 27 to 31% per annum.

Credit conditions:

  • Individuals aged above 20 years;
  • Experience in the field for over 6 months;
  • Compliance of the business with Tajik legislation;
  • Lack of liabilities to third parties;
  • Mandatory business profitability.
Required documents:
  • Loan application;
  • Passport of the Republic of Tajikistan, confirming the place of residence;
  • TIN;
  • If the business is registered, the presence of a patent or license.

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