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In Dushanbe, the capital’s futsal championship of season 2013 – 2014 came to a close. The Games were held in two groups: in the series "A" and "B". Humo team participated in the tournament games in the series "A". The third championship was held under the auspices of the Football Federation of Tajikistan and the Republic’s Futsal Union. Earlier, the team "Ehson" (season-2011/2012) and team "National Bank" (season 2012/2013) became champions in the series "A". All three championships were held in two rounds from November to February in the sports complex "Elite" of the Tax Committee of Tajikistan. The season in the "A" series involved nine teams. Teams "National Bank" and "Orienbank" became the Championship triumphants in games of series "A" and series "B", respectively. Team "Humo" took the fourth place of honor in the games of the series "A", thereby earned reaching the Republican games of the Championship. According to Komron Shodiev, Head of Futsal Committee of the Tajikistan Football Federation, as per the regulations top four teams of series "A" - "National Bank", "Royal Pub", "Safariyon" and "Humo", representing the Dushanbinskaya zone will play in the championship of the Republic. Matches will be held this spring on March 20- 25.

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