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Чемпионат Республики по Футзалу

From November to March, 2014, under the auspices of the Football Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Futsal Union of Tajikistan the Republican Futsal Championship was held among amateur teams. 36 teams took part in the competition. The teams were divided into zones: Dushanbe, Sughd and GBAO. Qualifying tournaments were held at the regional level. Under the competition rules, four best teams from Dushanbe zone, three teams from Sughd zone and one team from the GBAO zone had the right to be part of the finals, held in Dushanbe. Team "Humo" was among the best teams that reached the final. Based on the results of games in Dushanbe zone, the team was ranked the fourth.

Eight (8) teams were in the final games. Teams "National Bank", "Royal Pub", "Safari" and "Humo” represented Dushanbe city, teams "Rakhsh" (National bank of city Khujand), "Shaparak" and "Sipar" presented the Sughd zone and the team "Pamir" represented GBAO. Team Humo took the honorary third place in Futsal Championship of the Republic. The first place was awarded to the team of the National Bank, Dushanbe; the 2nd place went to the team from Dushanbe, Royal Pub. It is worth noting that in the match for the third place team Humo played with the team "Rakhsh" - National Bank of Khujand. Earlier in the Championship of Banks in 2013 in Khujand city team Humo lost a match for the first place to team "Rakhsh" - National Bank of Khujand. A game for the third place in the Championship of the Republic in Dushanbe for the team Humo can be called a grudge match, which the team Humo convincingly won with the score 5-4.

Among the best players of the season, a coach of Humo team was voted the best coach –His name is Vohidov Payrav and he is the staff member of the head office of MDO "Humo".

Humo football team actively participates in all competitions of the city and nationwide, showing good results. We are proud of the victories and wish the team great heights in the upcoming games and championships of the city and the country. Humo champion! Humo champion!

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