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Благотворительная акция «Радость детям!»

On June 1 "Innovation Club" together with NGO "Alegria" and Charitable Society "Dusty Yori" carried on in orphanages of Dushanbe and Hissar cities one of the most ambitious charitable action in Tajikistan "Joy to children". The action was attended by more than 100 volunteers, who were split into 6 teams and held a grand celebration for orphans and children with disabilities. The event was made possible due to the funds raised by sponsors including MDO "Humo" that was active part of the occasion.

Intensive preparations took over 30 days and included writing unique, specialized entertainment scenarios for each orphanage. All the teams comprised the invited volunteers having this talent to show tricks, clowning, art, dance and acting.

Children enjoyed a variety of games, competitions and dances and even the weakest and smallest festival participants were not aside being ridden in a bicycle and toy cars by volunteers. A game of paint became especially bright and memorable for children and their guests because they painted with brushes and fingers the faces of each other, giving themselves up to the children's mischief and fantasy.

At the end of games, dances and competitions each child got sweets and educational toys. June 1, in memory of more than a thousand orphans and orphanages, remained a cheerful and bright day!

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